A Closer look Enhancer Bonuses

“My husband and I have 10 years to retirement, so these earning years are crucial to our
long-term financial security. I need to make sure he’s protected financially if something
happened to me. I also want to make sure that the financial product I choose can help
contribute to our income plan. I’m willing to be aggressive to seek greater growth potential.”


  • Age: 50, married, no children
  • Occupation: Senior Marketing Director
  • Situation: Ten years to retirement, wants a high-growth strategy, positive market outlook


  • Protect her husband financially from the unexpected.
  • Potential to grow her assets for the future, especially for retirement.
  • Flexible growth potential based on her market outlook.
  • Have cash available for emergencies

Elena’s Needs:

Elena wants to make sure that her husband could carry on financially if something happened to her. She also wants to grow her nest egg as much as she can in the final stretch to retirement. Much of her retirement savings is already at risk in the market. She would like another product to accumulate cash without the unlimited downside of the market. She is willing to take on some risk for greater potential interest crediting.

Elena’s Solution:

PeakLife Indexed Universal Life Insurance with Enhancer Bonuses

Three Enhancer Bonuses Provide Options to capture the upside Elena wants

Elena seeks advice from her financial professional and purchases a PeakLife policy with a $1 million death benefit. Because retirement savings is another goal, she can also use her policy to grow her cash value in several ways. PeakLife offers five indexed crediting options that credit interest based in part on the changes of market indexes, referred to as upside potential. The 0% or 1% floor (depending on the index strategy chosen) helps ensure that cash value in that strategy won’t be reduced due to a decline in the index. This is referred to as downside protection.

Even better, Elena can choose among three bonus levels to help maximize her upside potential based on how she feels about the index’s direction.

PeakLife Indexed Universal Life Insurance: Protecting what matters most.

Elena’s permanent death benefit protection and cash value accumulation potential with three choices of
Enhancer bonus levels are among many PeakLife features and benefits to help her out, such as:

  • Flexible coverage and premiums, which let her make adjustments, up or down, if her situation changes.
  • A Lifetime Income Benefit Rider which will guarantee a tax-free retirement income stream for the rest of her life once criteria are met to exercise it.
  • Plus many optional riders that may offer Elena financial protection and peace of mind in light of the unexpected.

To help you decide if PeakLife is right for you, contact your financial professional.

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