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Term life insurance offers:

  • Guaranteed level death benefit amount and  level premiums for the  duration of the  initial term.
  • A term that’s right for you: 10, 15, 20, 25 or  30 years.
  • Coverage starting as low as $50,000 and  as high as $10 Millon or more.
  • Non-Medical and  medically-underwritten plans available.
  •  Insurability  depends on answers to medical and other application questions and  underwriting searches and  reviews.
  • Ability to convert to a permanent  life insurance product during the  conversion period, should your needs change.
  • Optional coverage riders that  can  be added for extra protection or living benefits.

Mortgage insurance From a bank/lender

The lender is the beneficiary of the  policy and decides how  proceeds are spent. Coverage declines as you pay down your mortgage. If you sell your  home and  purchase a new one, you must reapply for coverage, meaning your rates could increase.

Mortgage Insurance Protection from a life insurance carrier

Term life insurance from our top carriers. You determine who are the beneficiarys from  your life insurance. Your coverage remains the same, no matter what  your mortgage balance. If you move, your insurance goes with you, doesn’t change and  your rates don’t  increase.

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